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150 Years of Delicacy

About Mado

We bet you never had creamy ice cream baklava sandwiches! With enormous breakfasts, appetizing lunches and exquisite dinners, Mado is the place of extraordinary tastes - one of the best Turkish restaurants in Mississauga.

Two cities in the world known for ice cream; one is Rome, the other is K.Maraş! Known as Italy's Roman ice cream, K.Maras's "dovme" ice cream has become a taste and brand known to the world with Mado. Starting his Mado adventure with traditional tattoo ice cream, Osman Aga has been defending the principle of Mado for 5 generations.

The adventure of real ice cream goes back to 300 years ago, then the ice cream was made with molasses, honey, and fruit extracts from the land. In this adventure, the name of ice cream unites with a city.

Kahramanmaras not only gives its name to ice cream but with its consistency and special comfort. It also gives the secret of the taste of the unique Kahramanmaras ice cream. The milk of goats feeding on keven, thyme, and wild orchid flowers blooming in the plateaus of the Ahir Mountain close to the clouds and the salep collected delicately from the tubers of these orchids!