Baker duties and responsibilities:

Duties and responsibilities of a Baker include:

-Crafting and preparing new baked goods
-Ensuring every product meets the expectations of the customer and reflects well on the standards of the establishment
-Ensuring the workstation is restocked and cleaned as needed
-Keeping records of the bakery inventory, production levels, and deliveries
-Inspecting each baked product to ensure it meets quality requirements
-Displaying and decorating the finished products to make them client-ready
-Making product improvement recommendations, responding to the needs of the customers, and accepting orders

Baker skills and qualification:

-Ability to create new baked goods and pastries
-Ability to work under strict deadlines and meet client expectations
-Knowledge of general baking principles and understanding of a wide variety of recipes
-Excellent knowledge of safety, health rules, and quality controls Excellent understanding of imperial systems and metrics of measurements
-Strong verbal and written communication skills to assist in the day-to-day operations within the bakery

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