Bakery Assistant

Bakery Assistant duties and responsibilities:

-Creating a welcoming and positive customer experience at the bakery counter.
-Advising customers on baked goods selection and taking orders.
-Weighing, pricing, and packaging purchased items, as well as processing payments.
-Managing the baking ingredients inventory and requesting the purchase of stock.
-Tracking ingredient expiry dates and arranging their use accordingly.
-Monitoring the visual appeal and the availability of baked goods on display.
-Reporting low baked goods stock to the Baker or to the management in a timely manner.
-Maintaining a clean and tidy baked goods counter and performing other duties on request.
-Cleaning the bakery section after business hours and preparing it for the next day.
-Comply with attendance, uniform and all applicable MADO Cafe policies.
-Managing customer complaints and relaying them to the Baker.
-Assist kitchen staff if needed

Bakery Assistant skills and qualification:

-Outstanding customer service skills
-Written and verbal communication skills
-Basic math skills and the ability to keep track of customer tabs
-Food safety and preparation skills included including an understanding of how
viruses and bacteria can spread
-Mixology or the ability to make traditional cocktails and create new ones

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