Main responsibility will be greeting customers at the door as they arrive, but other duties include:

-Let patrons know of wait times and contact them as a table becomes available
-Take reservations over the phone, online platforms, or in-person
-Maintain a clean, tidy, and welcoming front-of-house experience
-Provide novelty gifts to children as they leave the restaurant, if included in the establishment’s operation
-Seat guests at designated tables and take drink orders, if necessary
-Answer questions about the food and beverage menu, as needed
-Understand the needs of wait staff to ensure sections are not overcrowded
-Help servers by busing the tables when needed.
-Help baker and barista if needed.
-To ensure guest washrooms are clean by checking them hourly
-Comply with attendance, uniform and all applicable MADO Cafe policies.

Skills and qualification:

-Flexible schedule for working weekends and evenings
-Customer service skills
-Organization skills for scheduling and booking reservations and tables
-Strong verbal and written communication skills
-Excellent problem-solving abilities
-Knowledge of food and beverage health and safety initiatives
-Teamwork and collaboration skills

Host experience requirements:

-Must have a minimum of 1 year hosting experience

Host education and training requirements:

-Minimum high school diploma
-Must be eligible to work in canada

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