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MADO Grand Breakfast

MADO Grand Breakfast

The Grand breakfast trays are intended for two people. A minimum two-person order is required. Set includes: - Feta cheese, kashar cheese, mozzarella cheese - Kaymak with honey - Tahin pekmez, - Jams - Green olives, black olives - Su Borek - Ajuka (hot pepper paste) - Seasonal fresh fruits - Seasonal fresh vegetables - Dried apricot, fig, walnuts - Menemen (Turkish egg omelette with tomatoes) and fried eggs - Fries, a skewer of halloumi cheese and sujuk, a basket of handmade bread - Unlimited tea. In case you'd like to ask for extras to your tray, please inform your server. An extra fee will be applied. - Extra on all ingredients. - Extra egg on the pan. - 1 slice of sigara borek. *Unlimited tea during your breakfast. One breadbasket included, additional breadbaskets are $1.99. *Free for children under 5. Price is calculated as number of people times their respective price.

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